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Slow growth or losing market share, competitors, pressure from the board room or banks, have ideas that are constrained and need a fresh new perspective on it, unable to eliminate work personnel positions or unable find the right people for a job, government red tape preventing you from getting permits, remodeling a building, or rezoning an area, etc. We all have been there ourselves and understand what you are going through.

We will brainstorm with you to identify issues and explore options. We will present you with a simple , easy to understand solution and will develop a long term strategic road-map to help you achieve your goals successfully.

THE SOLUTION..........
We will assist you in finding the next product, offer ideas to expand or improve a product line, help formulate your next killer recipe for another key item, or streamline a process or business model to compete in today’s market.

WHY US..........
Our wide range of experiences includes manufacturing, import and export, packaging, FDA & USDA compliance, wholesale, distribution, supermarkets, specialty retail, mail-order, food service, restaurants, delis and food carts, real estate re-zoning and subdivisions, building permits, remodeling of commercial and residential buildings. We have a lot of successful turn-around projects.

We have successfully consulted clients in Alaska, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Germany, Austria and China.

HOW WE CHARGE..........
We will identify measurable sales or profit increase and charge a small percentage for a certain period of time, with no upfront fees. Out of pocket expenses or travel charges will be reimbursed by the business. For smaller projects, we also have a daily or hourly fee.

For the right project, we may also invest our money together with yours, or your sweat equity! If you think you have a great idea, that just needs a little help to get off the ground, let us know!

We also consult on immigration and investment issues. Note that we do not give legal advice, but rather highlight potential opportunities and provide information and contacts for you to obtain various visas, including H1B, PERM, I-140, I-485 or EB5-Investor visas, and eventual Green Cards.

Send us an email, explaining the basic problem; then perhaps follow-up by a phone call. We will then assess your issues and let you know if we are able to assist you. If we can, we will meet and discuss the scope of the project. A binding contract will be signed upon the agreement of the project.

Mike Parish
VP, Sales
Patty McCabe
VP, Operations
DingDing Wang
VP, EB5 & Accounting
Valentin Caspaar
President, Strategies

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